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A happy welcome,

Location Rhenen is located on the Bantuinweg in Rhenen. Here we offer care to the following group compositions:

  • BSO group Achterstevoren is for the youngest school children from 4 to 6 years old. In this group a maximum of 20 children are cared for after school. Our out-of-school care gets its strength from the fact that at our out-of-school care children come together from all schools in Rhenen and we therefore have a very nice mixed group. Children are taken out of school by the pedagogical staff or beloved volunteers and are free to decide for themselves what they want to do, we offer activities but certainly do not impose any obligation as the needs of children from school mainly lie with free play.
  • BSO group Ondersteboven is our older BSO group for children from 7 to 12 years old. A maximum of 22 children are taken care of in this group. Under the guidance of the pedagogical staff, the oldest children are also offered activities or the opportunity to do homework. In addition, these children also have the need to relax and be able to enjoy themselves together and play with other peers.

During school holidays, we take care of these children all day long at our BSO groups and we offer each holiday a fun and interesting theme with activities aimed at this.

At the moment we are working hard and we are in a construction process at our location in Rhenen. A brand-new building (IKC Rhenen) is being realized for both us and Daltonschool Rhenen. We are expected to enter here in November 2021 and from then on we may praise ourselves rich with a beautiful new building with brand new groups and facilities. We are looking forward to this as an organization and as a team Rhenen.

For now, you are very welcome at our current location for a tour with the location manager to especially taste the atmosphere, because an old or new building, our atmosphere will not change. The employees dedicate themselves with heart and soul to the children and you feel that immediately upon entering. Be welcome and hope to see you soon!

Team Rhenen

Adres: Bantuinweg 43, 3911 MV, Rhenen

Telefoonnummer:  031 – 7617001

Contactpersoon:  Locatiemanager: Esther Holierhoek

Emailadres: rhenen@speelinn.nl

LRKnummer bantuinweg: 152766431

LRKnummer acacialaan:  270056804

GGDrapport: Rhenen BSO