Quality management

Quality management

Small Society is conscious and ambitious in realizing and developing the quality of its services. From a well-thought-out quality management system, quality of service is constantly being measured and improvements are being identified and implemented. Small Society continually invests in the expertise, professionalism and quality of its employees; including through the provision of a training and development programme (Small Society Academy).


But what is quality?

Quality is largely determined by what you think is important and what you expect from us. How is/are your child(ren) being looked after and how appealing are the childcare venues? Who takes care of your children each day and what policy is being adopted? All important issues, but the safety of the environment is of primary importance. There are a number of basic requirements. These are laid down in the Childcare Act, which every childcare organization must comply with. The Municipal Health Service (GGD) Inspectorate monitors whether this law is being complied with. A number of organizations go a step further when it comes to quality and choose to obtain the HKZ certification. In order to achieve this certification, the organization focuses on the child and the parent, and the organization also complies with a large number of additional standards relating to organization.

HKZ certification

Our organization is in possession of the HKZ (Harmonisation of Quality Assessment in the Care Sector) certificate. HKZ is a certification system within the care sector in general and childcare in particular. The HKZ certificate refers to the organization’s quality management system. The HKZ certification makes it clear that the quality management system meets requirements from the sector itself, financiers, consumers and the government. This is always determined by an independent certification body. Small Society works together with the certification organization TÜV Nederland (www.tuv.nl). The certification provides a basic guarantee for quality. A certified institution has organized the operation so that all conditions are met to provide optimal care. The client’s perspective is always the starting point.

The HKZ certification means that an organization:

  • has its affairs in order internally;
  • makes the client the focal point as a matter of principle;
  • is able to present reliable results;
  • continuously works to improve the care and services it provides.