Childcare allowance

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Depending on your personal situation, you may be eligible for a childcare allowance. You will receive the childcare allowance through the tax authorities.
When applying for a childcare allowance, take the following into account:

the tax authorities assumes a so-called assessment income of yourself
if you have a partner, this test income is included in the calculation of the allowance
In addition, your labor participation (and that of your partner) counts in the assessment of the allowance
the processing time at the tax authorities for an application for childcare allowance is approximately 8 weeks.
You can make a test calculation here.

You can submit an application to the tax authorities via or by calling the tax telephone number (0800-0543). If you wish, we can of course also gladly help you with this.

In order to be eligible for a childcare allowance, the childcare institution must be registered with the national childcare register (LRK number). Each location has its own number. You can find the correct LRK numbers under the correct location.