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A happy welcome,

Unique location in MFG “Het Bestegoed” in the heart of the village of Elst in the province of Utrecht.

The nursery has a baby group Seahorse (0 to 2 years) and a toddler group (2 to 4 years) Dolphin where the children receive a warm welcome daily from our committed and experienced pedagogical staff.

The main thing is that the children feel safe and at home. The indoor area and the outdoor area offer the children a great opportunity to discover what is going on outside.

Team Elst

Adres: De spijlen 3, 3921 EK, Elst

Telefoonnummer: 031 – 8472668

Contactpersoon: Locatiemanager: Esther Holierhoek

Emailadres: elst@speelinn.nl

LRKnummer: 115243422

GGDrapport: Elst KDV