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Daycare ( 0 - 4 years )

We think it is important to provide structure. Structure and regularity ensure that children know where they stand. This provides clarity, rhythm and confidence.
Together we will look for who you are or could be! Every month we offer a new theme with challenging activities. These themes are linked as much as possible to the development of the child. You grow up together at Speel-Inn! We know that every child is unique.

After-school ( 4 - 12 years )

After school, the children can come “home” to our after-school care facilities in a relaxed and relaxed manner. We think it is important to stimulate the children to do what they love most. The children can choose from a wide range of activities. But they can also indicate that they prefer to do their homework or withdraw with a book. Together we make a party of the out-of-school care.

Pre-school VVE Playgroups ( 2 - 4 years )

Does your toddler just need that extra helping hand with regard to his development and growth? Then choose a place at the toddler care or one of our VVE locations. Together with peers, we offer the toddler a safe environment, where he learns through play and develops at his own pace. We use the Uk & Puk VVE method for this.