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Daycare center Speel-Inn Uithoorn De Blokkendoos offers care to children between 0 and 4 years old. Our beautiful building is located next to the beautiful dragonfly forest. Here we can often be found to discover nature.

The spacious garden around our building offers plenty of space to play. There is a separate room for each age group where children can play safely. There is also a vegetable garden where the children can grow their own crops, the children really enjoy this. We like to be outside. Luckily the children too!

Every day we ensure that there is a wide range of activities that matches the theme that is worked with every six weeks. The activities change from indoor / outdoor, cooking based on a pedagogical employee, creative and sports & games. There is something for every child to develop his talent.

The building consists of several layers that are all connected by a large void in the middle of the building, so that all groups are connected by means of windows. Due to the large windows, all groups are light and give a spacious feeling.

The Blokkendoos has horizontal groups from 0-1 years (baby group), 1 to 2.5 years (toddler group and toddler group from 2-4 years) where children can develop at their own level. The activities are specially adapted to this. We look at the development of the child and whether the child is ready for a new group sooner.In addition, we have a permanent team that ensures continuity for each child.

All our VVE employees are trained at this location, from August 2020 we therefore also have a toddler / VVE group, where we work with the Puk method.

Team De Blokkendoos

Adres: Johan Enschedeweg 160, 1422DR, Uithoorn

Telefoonnummer:  0297-521409

Contactpersoon:  Locatiemanager: Daisy Hengeveld

Emailadres: daisy@speelinn.nl

LRKnummer: 829021449

GGDrapport: Uithoorn KDV de Blokkendoos