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A happy welcome,

The Blokkendoos is located on the edge of the Libellebos.

We have a spacious accommodation with three KDV group rooms and a large after-school care group room at the bottom of the building.

The area around the out-of-school care center is completely fenced off. The parking spaces can be found in front of and next to the children’s center. It is also easily accessible by bicycle.

The after-school care consists of a maximum of 40 children per day and has 2 main groups of a maximum of 20 children each:

Groep de Banjers takes care of children aged 4-7
Groep de Bikkels takes care of children aged 7-12.
The BSO uses the basement of the building. There are plenty of craft materials, games, building materials and fantasy materials available.

In addition, the BSO regularly uses external locations such as a sports hall, the playground, the forest or the petting zoo.

We offer a varied activity program at the out-of-school care. Every month an activity calendar is made in Doenkids. Parents are informed about this via the parent app. The activities are diverse and varied. Think of sports, creative, cooking, games, etc. The different ages and interests of the children are also taken into account.

Became curious? We are happy to give a tour of our location! Please contact the location manager of the branch for this.

Team De Blokkendoos

Adres: Johan Enschedeweg 160, 1422DR, Uithoorn

Telefoonnummer: 0297 – 521409

Contactpersoon:  Locatiemanager: Sandra Brouwer

Emailadres: sandra@bsojumpinn.nl

LRKnummer: 233022016

GGDrapport: Uithoorn BSO de Blokkendoos