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A happy welcome,

The out-of-school care center uses the accommodation together with the Speel-Inn Uithoorn daycare center. The building has an outdoor playground and the football field in front of the building is also used for outdoor games.

The after-school care consists of a maximum of 20 children per day. The age varies from 4 to 12 years.

The BSO group has its own permanent interior space. There is a basket for each child in which their personal belongings are stored. The children use the toilets and a coat rack in the hallway.

The outdoor space is directly adjacent to the indoor space. Each group has its own door to the outside. The garden has tiles, grass, shrubs, a sandpit and a playhouse.

We offer a varying program at the out-of-school care. The children can choose which activity they participate in. During the activities the children are encouraged. Among other things by giving tips and advice and by taking a positive approach. We strive to increase the self-confidence of the children and to let children discover and push their own boundaries.

Not only the outside but also the inside offers the children enough challenge. Among other things, there are materials available for sports play, but also for creative, constructive and fantasy play. The kitchen is used for culinary activities.

Became curious? We are happy to give a tour of our location! Please contact the location manager of the branch for this.

Team Uithoorn

Adres: Karel van Manderhof 3, 1422 BX, Uithoorn

Telefoonnummer:  0297 – 520 906

Contactpersoon:  Locatiemanager: Sandra Brouwer

Emailadres: sandra@bsojumpinn.nl

LRKnummer: 243450850

GGDrapport: Uithoorn BSO