Allowance from the tax authorities

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Allowance from the tax authorities

http://toeslagen.nlDepending on your personal situation, you may be eligible for a contribution towards the costs of your childcare (the childcare allowance). You will receive the childcare allowance through the tax authorities.

When applying for a childcare allowance, take the following into account:

The tax authorities assume a so-called assessment income of your own.

If you have a partner, this test income is included in the calculation of the allowance.

In addition, your labor participation (and that of your partner) is included in the assessment of your allowance.

The processing time at the tax authorities for an application for childcare allowance is approximately 8 weeks.

You can make a test calculation here.


You can submit an application to the tax authorities via or by calling the Tax Information Line (0800-0543). If you wish, we can of course also gladly help you with this.

In order to qualify for a childcare allowance, the childcare institution must be registered with the national childcare register (LRK registration). Each location (day nursery and out-of-school care) has its own number. Below you will find an overview of the LRK number per location of Small Society. You need these numbers when applying for childcare allowance.

Location LRK no.

Bunschoten 233053578

Zeewolde after-school care 180197587

Zeewolde hdo 376016929

De Bilt after-school care 717118010

De Bilt hdo 201069866

Amsterdam IJburg Koning 144621149

Amsterdam IJburg Admiraal 168643339

Almere Kraaiennest BSO 117333931

Almere Razeil out-of-school care 172756327

Almere Razeil hdo 635679450

bso = after-school care

hdo = full day care

If not mentioned, it concerns HDO