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A happy welcome,

As a parent, are you looking for a challenging learning environment for your toddler? Then register your toddler at our toddler care

Our toddler care is a pre-school facility for toddlers from two to four years old. Together with peers we offer the toddler a safe environment, where he learns through play and can develop at his own pace. Your toddler is therefore prepared for primary school as well as possible.

And of course you can also contact us with all your (educational) questions.

Team Rhenen

Adres: Bantuinweg 43, 3911 MV, Rhenen

Telefoonnummer: 031 – 7617001

Contactpersoon: Locatiemanager: Esther Holierhoek

Emailadres: rhenen@speelinn.nl

LRKnummer: 531416720

GGDrapport: Rhenen PO