Extra service

Exchange a day:

If you want to exchange a day, this can be done in consultation with the location and the relevant group. Exchange is based on availability and must take place within one month (leave) before or after the day to be exchanged. In case of illness, an exchange period of 2 weeks applies. If there is no exchange option within the set period, the exchange option will unfortunately expire. It is and remains an extra service. The holidays can be used all year round. Only this also applies, based on availability.

Extra day:

You can consult with the PM staff of the group whether you can purchase an extra day. This is based on availability. You will receive the invoice afterwards.

Closing days 2020

New Year’s Day
Easter Monday
2nd day of Easter
Royal day
Ascension Day
May 5th Liberation Day
Study day 13 March (Locations: Uithoorn, Blokkendoos & Kwakel)
Study day March 20 (Locations: Diemen, Hilversum, Amsterdam & Amstelveen)
1st day of Pentecost
Whit Monday
Christmas Eve, all locations close at 5:00 PM
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
New Years Eve, all locations close at 5:00 PM