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Within “Het Bestegoed” there are also 2 schools. Children who are placed in the daycare center and who go to one of the 2 primary schools at the age of 4 can move on to our BSO Seal or Orka. This also makes the transition to school easier, because the children often already know the employees.

The out-of-school care location Elst consists of an out-of-school care group called the Zeehond (4 to 8 years) and a group called the Orka (8 to 12 years).

Team Elst

Adres: De spijlen 3, 3921 EK, Elst

Telefoonnummer:  031 – 8472668

Contactpersoon:  Locatiemanager: Esther Holierhoek

Emailadres: elst@speelinn.nl

LRKnummer: 202233716

GGDrapport: Elst BSO