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A happy welcome,

De Toversteen has a spacious accommodation with four childcare group rooms and two large after-school care group rooms on the ground floor of the building.

All groups of Speel-Inn de Toversteen are adjacent to a hall. The large windows allow you to look inside each other.


Daycare center Speel-Inn de Toversteen has four vertical tribal groups:

  • De Fairies: A maximum of 16 children aged 0-4 years are taken care of here
  • De Reuzen: A maximum of 16 children aged 0-4 years are cared for here
  • De Kabouters: A maximum of 15 children aged 0-4 years are cared for here
  • De Draakjes: A maximum of 15 children aged 0-4 years are cared for here
    All groups are furnished with different play corners, for example a doll corner, kitchen corner or car corner. This gives children the opportunity to concentrate and to isolate themselves during play and to separate quiet and busy play.

In the morning hours, empty group rooms are also regularly used, which also border the hall. For example to tinker at the craft table or from the library. Booklets can be read here with a small group of children. From the day care groups there is a good view of these areas.

The children use a coat rack in the hallway. The shoes are put under the coat rack.

The babies have a basket in the changing room for their personal items.

All groups have their own adjoining sleeping areas and their own access to the outdoor area.

For the younger children there is a separate screened baby corner with soft tiles on the square of the Fairies, Giants and Gnomes. There is a separate ground box for the younger children and 2 separate sandboxes in the area for the Draakjes. In the area of ​​the Fairies, Giants and Gnomes is a large sandbox and there is room for cycling.

When children reach the age of 4, they can move on to our out-of-school care, which is built-in. Do not forget to register on time.

Became curious? We are happy to give a tour of our location! Please contact the location manager of the branch for this.

Team Toversteen

Adres: Rode Kruislaan 1260, 1111 XB, Diemen

Telefoonnummer:  020 – 41 66 315

Contactpersoon:  Locatiemanager: Marloes van As

Emailadres: marloes.vanas@speelinn.nl

LRKnummer: 497504546

GGDrapport: Diemen KDV de Toversteen

Klachtenvrij: Certificaat de Toversteen