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A happy welcome,

BSO de Toversteen has a spacious accommodation with four KDV group rooms and two BSO group rooms.

After-school care Jump-Inn de Toversteen consists of 2 main groups:

  • The Wizards take care of a maximum of 20 children per day between the ages of 4 and 12.
  • Dragons take care of up to 20 children per day between the ages of 4 and 12.

The groups are divided into activity corners, for example a car corner, doll corner or construction corner. There are also corners for busy and quiet play and arranged according to age, so that children do not have to disturb each other in their play. Separate activity rooms are adjacent to the group rooms, the doors of which are open when they are used. For example a kitchen, cinema room or room with dressing up items.

A third space is empty and is used as a sports / dance space. Here is among other things a table tennis table.

We offer a varied activity program at the out-of-school care. Every month an activity calendar is made in Doenkids. Parents are informed about this via the parent app.

The activity program is subject to weather conditions or the choice of the children. During the activities the children are encouraged, among other things by giving tips and advice and by a positive approach. We strive to increase the self-confidence of the children and by allowing children to discover and push their own boundaries.

The activities are diverse and varied. For example, sports, creative, cooking, games, etc. Also, the different ages and the interests of the children are taken into account

BSO de Toversteen uses the ‘football field’ at the rear of the building as an outdoor space. The children can go here via the stairs at the rear of the building, accompanied by the pedagogical staff.

There are bicycles, sports equipment and other outdoor toys available outside.

There is a new nature playground near the Toversteen building, which is also widely used by the BSO group.

Team de Toversteen

Adres: Rode Kruislaan 1260, 1111 XB, Diemen

Telefoonnummer:  020 – 41 66 315

Contactpersoon: Locatiemanager: Marloes van As

Emailadres: marloes.vanas@speelinn.nl

LRKnummer: 717132067

GGDrapport: Diemen BSO de Toversteen

Klachtenvrij: Certificaat de Toversteen