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The out-of-school care is split into 2 locations. The children aged 4 to 7 are in the classroom in De Zon Primary School and the children aged 7 to 12 are at KDO. We have chosen this to be able to offer activities as targeted as possible. The age of 7 is in both groups, because at that age one child is already ready to transfer to KDO and the other child is not yet ready. This way we can see for each child whether the development of this child allows it to pass on. The children in the group at KDO are 7 years and older.

The children are picked up by us from school. We gather in the classroom of the BSO at school. The children come to this room independently. We all walk to KDO from school. Upon entering, the children go to the toilet and wash their hands. Then we sit down to eat fruit and vegetables and drink a cup of lemonade / water. Then it is time for the activities from our activity program that we create with the Doenkids program. This program will be sent by e-mail every month. The children are allowed to participate in this activity but they are not obligated. Of course they are encouraged by us to participate. There is always a sports activity, but also creative activities.

Playing outside is of course also possible. Exercise is essential for children. Children can get a self-employment contract signed by parents, child and PM. Children are allowed to play outside independently (without supervision) within the gates of KDO.

At 5 p.m. the activities are over and the children have free play and then the first parents will soon come to pick up the children.

Children who exercise at KDO can also go there on their BSO day. The children are then guided to their sport by a PM. There are several sports they can participate in. This includes:


During the holiday period / study days, the children are also very welcome to come and play with us. There are children who have a holiday contract and come to us on their regular holiday days, but the children without a contract can of course also come and play. We always spend the holiday period / study days at KDO. There we have the most space and we can play wonderfully. There is always a holiday program that we put together ourselves in Doenkids. This will always be sent by e-mail 2 weeks before the holiday.

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